Turbo girl

Hayaku during her mind suppressor chip days and after them too

This is a biography of Hayaku

The Chip

hayaku was Never born {but surviving only because of a gene in her body} she was captured by Turbo who got and placed a mind suppressor in her and giving her retractable roller blades he controlled and made her evil { watch turbo drift } when she was defeated she landed in the suburbs and eventully made her way to starlight city.

No More Chip

on the rematch with turbo she won smashed and she apologized to turbo but not believing her and thinking she's just playing " nice " she was captured, after a day of no tricks she was let out, but she took a likeness to turbo and turbo did as well to her they secretly married

Death Of Turbo

 when breakneck challenged turbo to a race and killed him, the gas blast { aka the worst natural disaster in starlight city } knocked her and the kids { see turbo } on whiplash putting him on a coma the blast also destroyed the city and caused FAST to disband eventully turbo returned { see turbo }