this is the turbo bio page


turbo was born by a lab of evs { expediently violated snail } to have to drink nitro to go fast but he escaped along with Chet but the two were recaptured and erased and changed of there memories giving them to a couple the two became " brothers " and these events lead to turbo

After the Indi 500

starlight city was made and he battled hardcase and other foes he travel's to the future    { see hardcase } and returns safe and sound he eventually removes the Tokyo suppression mind chip from hayaku the two have children together Matt and Keiko, he races breakneck but is killed by nerve gas causing hayaku to a: take care of there children and b:become the fastest creature in the world


he came back as a ghost and fought breakneck snapping his neck and killing him he discovers as well that since his death FAST was disbanded White Shadow became a mega snail, Chet and Burn are a couple, Whiplash is in a coma, Smoothe Move is a DJ, Skidmark is a scientist, and hayaku is a lone mother, turbo tells her and his kids a story and goes to heaven, turbos visit reassembled FAST and lead the way for the next FAST which is Matt, Keiko, Hotshot,    { burn and chets son } Breaklash { whiplash's adoptive son } LightingMark { skidmarks son} and black shadow { white shadows adoptive daughter }